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The professionals of Dignified Divorce of Iowa are experienced in helping you answer your divorce questions, guiding you through the process, and educating you about the complex issues involved—with fees you can afford.

Caring women specialists customize their approach to handle your individual needs. Meet one-on-one or as a group to address your specific situation.

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With compassionate approach to the law, Judy Johnson starts by listening. She listens to her clients’ requests and their needs before determining the best course of legal action. “I have honest conversations with my clients,” she says. “I help them understand what’s achievable and make sure they know what to expect during each step of the divorce.”

Detail-oriented, she applies focus and knowledge to all legal matters. In the area of family law she works with clients on divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support, college support, paternity, property and debt issues, property division, and related issues. She has also worked on family law cases at the appellate level.

Judy, a graduate of Drake University Law School and an active member of the Polk County Bar Association, provides zealous representation while making sure her clients fully understand the process.


As a leading real estate professional, Marva McCarty specializes in helping her clients during critical junctures in their lives. “Helping people take the next step in life inspires me to give my all every day,” Marva says. “My goal is to make taking the next step in life easier than you ever imagined.”

Approaching life with a “What’s next?” view, Marva always tackles challenges head on. She works the same way with clients. In all client relationships, she educates for understanding and advocates for the client’s best long-term interests. Marva always uses her skill and expertise to negotiate for the best outcome.

To ensure every part of the transaction is handled effectively, Marva brings a strong team to assist with every transaction. Her team includes brokers, stagers, inspectors, contractors, and other skilled real estate professionals. The Realtors Code of Ethics, including providing real estate services to all parties honestly and in good faith, guides her work.


As a mortgage lender, Heidi Swenson’s goal is to match the proper loan program to her client’s specific needs. But her first priority is the individual. “I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect,” she says. “Every day, I strive to treat others the way I want to be treated.”

With a solid, stable, and progressive company behind her, Heidi walks her clients through each step in the lending process. During difficult transitions, she ensures clients understand the choices and expectations.

With more than 27 years of experience, Heidi has seen the ups and downs of the lending business. She works with each client to accomplish their unique financial goals. “I believe in developing relationships with customers built on trust and an understanding that I will provide exceptional service,” she says.

In addition to her experience, Heidi has a bachelor’s degree in finance and banking, and she is a notary.