Our Services


Our team approach blends multiple specialties to offer you a trusted one-stop source for all aspects of your divorce.

We listen to you and match our affordable services to your needs. Through education and support, we empower you. We walk with you during the divorce process to ensure you’re fully informed about your options and are able to make the best choices for you and your family. We support your emotional well-being.

To separate intertwined property, custody, and financial issues requires specialized knowledge. We help you make intelligent decisions, so you’re ready to start fresh without unforeseen hurdles.

Schedule a free confidential consultation to analyze your needs and customize an approach.


In a solution-focused collaborative divorce, you and your spouse:

  • Are each represented by an attorney trained in collaborative methods.
  • Commit to find a solution outside of court.
  • Use a team approach to meet the emotional, financial, and legal needs of the family.
  • Design a new normal for the family.


To facilitate the divorce, your mediator:

  • Acts as a neutral facilitator.
  • Focuses on values and interests, not positions.
  • Looks for fair, mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Helps solve problems and build new communication skills.
  • Can assist during the divorce settlement or after to help work through parenting issues.


When divorce becomes adversarial, your attorney:

  • Represents you in all proceedings before the court and prepares you for trial.
  • Handles all key issues related to divorce, including child custody and support.
  • Recommends options to achieve your goals.
  • Informs you each step of the way.


In property matters, your Realtor®:

  • Assists with buying or selling property.
  • Identifies property issues, such as liens or damaged credit, to be addressed.
  • Analyzes costs of keeping or selling.
  • Helps protect and preserve credit scores.
  • Provides essential evidence of house value.
  • Offers critical divorce real estate counseling.


For borrowing needs, your mortgage lender:

  • Offers commonsense review of loan profile.
  • Finds the best financing options for you.
  • Walks you through the borrowing process.
  • Answers questions about the loan process, timing, and choices.
  • Ensures all documentation is complete.
  • Helps close your loan.


For your unique needs, your financial advisors:

  • Help you feel financially secure.
  • Help navigate complicated issues related to divorce settlements.
  • Assist with 401k and investment decisions.
  • Explain financial planning options specific to your needs.
  • Plan for short- and long-term goals.


For tax and related matters, your Certified Public Accountant:

  • Addresses tax issues related to divorce.
  • Handles tax planning questions.
  • Assists with documentation and recordkeeping needs.
  • Answers questions about ongoing tax, budgeting, and financial situations.


For emotional support and process coordination, your divorce coach:

  • Acts as your personal advocate.
  • Coordinates the process steps with your team of experienced professionals.
  • Helps set achievable goals.
  • Educates about steps in the process.
  • Supports you through this stressful time.